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Welcome to the Cordes Family Home Page. Right now its mostly David's Page. But I expect that someday the rest of the family may get interested and want to be involved here also.

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The Desert Flowers are out this year. It should be a beautiful Spring

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Family Genealogy


Our Family Genealogy pages are located here. I've been getting a lot of information entered into the computer lately. I have a lot of work left to do, and am still learning the ins and outs of Genealogy Research. But here's what I have so far.....


NOTE: Since my twins stopped looking like twins at about the age of 1, I haven't had to deal with questions like these and therefore haven't been keeping up with this page. It's old stuff that I just haven't bothered to get rid of yet.

Friends and family know that on February 2, 1997 we were blessed with a set of twin groundhogs. err I mean children. Sarah and Zachary really threw a wrench into our life plans. So while we were adapting to the idea of being the parents of twins I read a lot of messages on the Parents of Twins Newsgroup. I've been busy collecting some smart-aleck, and some serious responses to many of the stupid, or inane questions that people ask about twins. Take a look. You might see yourself here....

Twins Answer Page

Computer Weenie Pages

David's Computer Weenie Pages

My name is David and I'm a Computer Weenie.
Are You?

Check here and find out. You can also take a peek at some Programs, Computer Games Information, and other computer weenie stuff that I've done or worked on.


I like to spend a lot of my time working out in the garage making sawdust. I always set out to make sawdust that way I'm always successful. I just hope I can use the pieces for something useful when I'm done.

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