The Reformed Elven Antirailroad Activists League gladly recommends the game: Iron Dragon:

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Iron Dragon is a Board Game that is distributed by the Mairfair Games Inc. and a computer version of the game is distributed by Eden Studios. ID is a railroad game where each player builds track between several loacations in the world and then travels on that track to pick up freight from one city and deliver it to another city. The game is won by the first player who connects 7 of the 8 major cities together and collects 250 gold pieces.

There is a lot of information about the game that is publicly available from the net, the game documentation, and other players. Building on our experience as the premier railroad engineers in the world, We have been collecting data that may or may not be useful in playing the game. So use this information when you play, or just for the fun of it. After all, you can never know too much about the Iron Dragon Rails.

Train Horizontal Rule

What are the lowest and highest total value freight cards? Answer Button
How many products does each city requests during a game? Answer Button
How many times is each product requested during a game? Answer Button
Which Kingdom pays the best, or has the most delivery requests? Answer Button
You are delivering two loads across the continent, do you know which spec load to carry? Answer Button
How many possible deliveries scenarios are there? and Which Kingdom has the most delivery potential? Answer Button

Warning: All information presented in these pages is based on a full deck of demand cards. Once the deck has been dealt, and cards have been put into play, all bets are off. Still, you may find the information useful. If you are making your third delivery to Risidan in a single game, you would know that they are only 4 deliveries to Risiden in the game, so the chances of you drawing the fourth one as a spec load are pretty slim.

Check back here later, we'll post more information as soon as we can pry it out of our statistician's stiff boney fingers.

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