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We the members of the Reformed Elven Antirailroad Activists League recognized that our past actions have disrupted and disturbed the other citizens of our fair land. Our hostility towards the Iron Dragons and the tracks they have left in our forests was based on fear and misunderstanding. We saw the minions of these magnificent beasts only as destroyers who would cut down our trees, and leave behind them long trails made up of that most feared and hated of all materials - iron.

But we have seen the error of our ways. We have benefited greatly from trade with the Iron Dragons. We have greatly enjoyed the goods and services that we have recieved in exchange for the minor resources that the Iron Dragons take.

So in a new spirit of co-operation we pledge to cease all militant actions against the Iron Dragons.

Welcome to the forests of the world.

It is understood throughout the world that the elves of the Reformed Elven Antirailroad Acitivist League are rapidly becoming the finest railroad engineers in the world. Therefore as a gesture of our good faith we have elected to share with you some elven secrets about everyone's favorite board/computer game - Iron Dragon
Iron Dragon Info

WARNING: A few members of the elven community have rejected our new spirit of cooperation and have refused to join our organization. While this militant minority may still occasionally conduct violent actions against the Iron Dragons, rest assured that our organization in no way condones or supports these actions.

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