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The double stroller might as well come with a flashing neon sign:
The twins are here! Come and Gawk!

I've been collecting references to questions and comments that irritate, confound, or anger the parents or prospective parents of multiples. Included are some of the responses that the parents have either used, or wish they had used. If I missed your favorite, then drop me a note and I'll include it in the list. (Subject to my own personnal version of censorship. ie no blatent profanity, etc)

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 02, 1997

Aren't you glad it's not seven?
(In reference to the McCaugh Septuplets)

Are they Twins? (while looking at the babies) Twins? What are they? Are they identical?

Are they Siamese?

Can you tell them apart?

How do you tell them apart?

How do you KNOW they are twins?

Oh, your husband is babysitting your twins? -or- (to Daddy with kids) You're babysitting today?

(to Pregnant Mother) My goodness you're getting big. -or- You're so huge! -or- You're bigger than you were last week!

"You really have a great figure for triplets".

How were your babies conceived?

Did you have help conceiving them?

I heard you are having twins. I don't know whether to offer my congratulations or my condolences.

Wow, Double Trouble (while first noticing the twins)

I don't know how you manage

Do twins run in your family?

How did you end up conceiving twins?

You must have had those two very close together

Were you taking fertilily drugs?

We'd like to take your daughters home with us.

Which one's the trouble-maker? / Who's the smarter? / etc

Boy, I'm glad that happened to you and not me.

Oh! An instant family!

Which one came first?

Twins! You sure must have your hands full!

I had a lady stop me to look at the girls and was amazed that they were drinking their bottles at the same time!

This lady should come to our house at 6pm and be totally dumbfounded to see the whole family eating at the same time!

Stranger: Are they paternal or maternal?
Parents:The terms were "identical" and "fraternal"
Stranger: (Patiently explaining) Maternal, means they look identical because they have the same father. Paternal twins, don't look alike because they may or may not have the same father. They're just two babies born at the same time."

From Tina, on the twins mailing list:

We were leaving my brothers wedding reception, and my son (who was wearing a tuxedo, and is 6), and my daughters (who were dressed alike, and are 4) were trailing behind. Well, someone driving by rolled down there window, and said "Siamese triplets"? My dh just chuckled, and said "Yes, they are"! The man driving just shook his head as if saying "I thought so", and then drove off.

An elderly woman asked if they were 2 girls and a boy (our boys all have longer hair) and when Jurgen said, "No, 3 boys". The woman replied "WHAT A WASTE! They are too good-looking to be boys"

Can you believe that? I don't know how I would have reacted, but DH just smiled at her and said that he doesn't think so and that the girls will love it."

While walking out of a local restaurant one evening. My daughter was walking in front of me, while I carried the twins in thier car seats. My wife was two steps behind us and stopped to pay the bill. This woman standing near the door took a long look at the twins, then at us and then nudged the man standing next to her and muttered "Now that is really sad."

I was so stunned I didn't know how to respond. (and for me to be speachless really takes some doing). I just turned and kept walking. Almost afraid to respond at all. For fear that it would be inappropriate.

In retrospect, I should have said "No, the sad thing is that you will NEVER know how happy we really are."

A good general response to any rude or idiotic question while you are still pregnant is provided by Mary Foley.

What will always work to shut these folks up is to grab your abdomen, flash a pained expression on your face and "oh my, that was a big one." They become so concerned you will give birth in their store, checkout line, house, apartment, etc.... they forget to be rude. They'll just want to get you outta there

Then there's the ones you never hear enough of...

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