Computer Weenie David

Hey! Welcome to my page about computer weenie stuff.

If the phrase computer weenie is a bit insulting, I'm Sorry. Feel free to pick an appropriate alternative from the following list:


  • Geek
  • Nerd
  • Dweeb
  • CPU Head
  • Bit Shuffler
  • Computer Puke

  • Techie
  • Computer Dude
  • Mouse Wrangler
  • Webmeister (my Pastor's term)
  • Programmer
  • Bandwidth Ho

Q - So what makes a person a computer weenie?
A - Well that's pretty easy to answer, if you're reading this you are a computer weenie.
Q - What is a computer weenie?
A - Do you spend more than 1 hour a day in front of a computer? If so you are a computer weenie.

Being a computer weenie is not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, a few individuals have gotten totally carried away and ruined it for the rest of us. But generally speaking a computer weenie is someone who works with or on computers. You may have the title of Chief Information Officer, Head Programmer, Web Master, Techincal Support Staff, Systems Analyst, etc. But underneath all the fancy words we are all just computer weenies.

So what gives me the right to lay claim to the title of computer weenie? Well, I put together a web site without using a WYSIWYG HTML editor didn't I? OK, so it's a lame website. But you're here aren't you? Besides that, I have a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wyoming and an MS Degree in Computer Science from California State University - Chico. I work as a civilian employee of the Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake CA. I do some simulations and modeling, some data analysis, some miscellaneous programming, and some tech support. Like most computer weenies, I have one title and several different jobs.

OK. On with the stuff. The following links will show you some of the different things I've gotten involved with in the last few years. Some of it will be pretty boring. OK, most of it will be pretty boring. But if you find something interesting, let me know.

Saint Ann School Home Page

Saint Ann School

Well back in October 2003 I was serving as the School Advisory Council President for Saint Ann School. During a monthly meeting the subject of our school web site came up. We decided that we needed to look into redesigning and updating our website. So naturally I went to the first web page manager I could think of - myself.

So I'm once again doing web site work. This time for my kid's school. So check out the web site and let me know what you think.

Grace Lutheran Home Page

Grace Lutheran Church

Once again I'm no longer the Web Manager for our church. After I developed these pages I took a year off to finish work on my Masters Degree. Then I took over the web pages again. But recently I've gotten busy again, and had some differences of opinion with the Lay Ministry Director and she decided that the easiest way for the pages to be done to her schedule and her way was for someone else to take over.

Encounter Program

Missile Intercept Encounter Program

For my Master's Project at Chico I developed a program to display using 3-D graphics the endgame encounter between a STANDARD Missile and an airborne target.

REAAL Home Page

Reformed Elven Antirailroad Activist League

I like playing Computer Games. My latest obsession is a game called Iron Dragon by Eden Studios. However I can't just play the game without asking certain questions. So I have formed Reformed Elven Antirailroad Activist League. The purpose behind this is to put together some information about the game that isn't generally available. Actually the info is available to anyone who has so little life that they will spend their precious free time sorting and organizing it in this manner.

Runequest Logo


Several years ago I was pretty active in a Runequest role playing group. But most of the group has left town, and we haven't been playing much. But I've left some of the background information that I was using in the game I was running here. I also had set up certain rules and methods of the use of Holy Magic in the game. Those rules are here also. OK, you ask what a role playing game has to do with being a computer weenie? The only place I have this material saved is on my computer. So here it is. Runequest is a role playing game that allowed me get out of the house one night a week and pretend that I lived in a fantasy world. As opposed to going to work, where everyone else is living in a fantasy world.

Advanced Civilization Logo

My Civ Card Buyer Program GUI

One of the classes I took at California State University - Chico was a User Interface and Control Class. For a final project we had to develop a GUI interface. I developed a graphical front end for a program to help players of the Advanced Civilization Game from Avalon Hill. Unfortunately all I have right now is the GUI. Completing the program by adding in better help pages and the acutal search engines has been put on the back burner lately as most of the guys I played this game with have moved out of town. But my presentation about the GUI is here if you're interested.

Cordes Home Page