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OK, I don't really have a coat of arms for my family. As best I have been able to find out, I am decended from a long line of farmers. Granted a few of them were adventerous enough to leave their homes and immigrate to the United States around 1850. But once they got here, they went back into farming.

So I doubt that any one in the family ever had a registered crest or coat of arms. But just because they were farmers doesn't mean that my ancestors did need a means of identifing themselves and their lands. I suspect that as farmers their family crests looked a bit like these:

Larson Family Crest        Family Crest

However in the off chance that some distant relative was a long lost king of Norway, who gave up his crown to live out his life digging in the dirt with his one true love, I have been working on a family coat of arms.

Just in case.

Family Crest

I've tried to concentrate on my norwegian heritage, which explains the Round shield, the horned helmet (yeah, I know vikings didn't really have horns on their helmets), and the long ship. The scythes are a tribute to the long standing family tradition of being dirt farmers. The hammers of Thor are to honor that faint glimmering chance of nobility.

The Slogan incorporates the three most important things to a good norwegian: Uff Da, Lutefisk and Lefse.

Uff Da - Because every good norwegian farmer needs a good exclaimation.

Lefse - Because it is the staple of life.

Lutefisk - Because it is the all purpose staple. Food, tool, shingles, shoe soles, boat repair patches, weapons, jewelry, armor, etc.

Larson Olson Cordes Huettl Barry