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Erick and Karen Olson Erick and Karen Olson
Date: Unknown

Erick and Karen Olson are my great-great Grandparents. My Maternal Grandmother's Maternal Grandparents.

You can read about Erick's early days in the Dakota Territory, in the story my grandmother wrote called Pioneer Days.

Gilbert and Carrie Larson
Date: Unknown

Gilbert and Carrie Larson are my great Grandparents. My Maternal Grandmother's Parents.

Carrie is the daughter of Erick and Karen Olson who are pictured just above. Carrie is the person who told the Pioneer Days. story to my grandmother.

Gilbert and Carrie Larson
Darlene Keiner Darlene Grace Keiner (Hegdahl)
Date: approximately 1939 - around 13 years old

Darlene was my God-mother. She was also my mother's first cousin. Her mother Ida was my grandmother Myrtle Larson's older sister.

The Wenzel Huettl Family
Date: approximately 1902 based on a guess of youngest child's age

This is my maternal Grandfather's Family. My grandfather is the little boy in front with the smirk on his face. The rest are his brothers and sisters.

Back Row (L to R) Jacob, Edward (twin with Philip), Gertrude, Philip (twin with Edward), Walter, Adolph (Pike).
Front Row(L to R) Henry, Linus, Clara, Cletus, Frank, Joseph, George.

Huettl Family
Larson Family The Larson Family
Date: Approximately 1892, based on Inga, the little girl in the lower right appears to be about 2 years old.

This is my maternal grandmother's father's Family. Back Row (L to R): Lewis, Adolph, Gilbert (my Grandmother's Dad), John Rude, Bertha. Front Row(L to R) Thorval, Clifford, Inga. This picture was taken in front of the Sod house that was across from the Olson Cemetary near Junius SD.

This picture was taken in front of the sod house (not theirs) that was across from the Olson Cemetary near Junius SD.

Gilbert Larson and Sons
Date: 1928

This is my maternal grandmother's Father and his sons.
Back Row (L to R): Carl Larson, Ole Larson, Myrl Larson.
Middle Row(L to R) Gilbert Larson (my Grandmother's Dad), Olaf Larson (Dobbie).
Front Row(L to R) Arnold Larson.

Gilbert Larson and Sons

Larson Olson Cordes Huettl Barry