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Why Am I Doing This

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The purpose of these pages is to provide a web presence for my family genealogy research.

I am posting this information in order to hopefully attract attention to the family names that I am trying to research. If this information helps out someone else's genealogy research, great. If it attracts the attention of someone who can aid me in my research, all the better.

I have no intention of trying to list all the details of my family tree here. The main reasons for this are a matter of privacy for my living relatives, and a storage and bandwidth issue. Most of my research is stored in paper files and in Personal Ancestral File as a software package. I don't want to try and recreate all that here. The database section of this site is there to provide names and relationships of my family. The pictures and stories are there just to liven the site up and so my family can enjoy them also.

Most of my personal research is focused on the Larson and Olson sides of the family. My cousin Chuck on my Dad's side is already doing a lot of the research on the Cordes branch of the family. My Uncle Johnny on my Mother's side has been doing a lot of the research on the Huettl side of the family. The Barry Side of the family which belongs to my wife and kids, is being tracked by some of my wife's family. That data for those branches of the family is included here because it was a part of my main database.

So even though I'm trying to concentrate my efforts on the Larson's and Olson's, I will try and follow up any leads that I come across for any branch of the family.

The pages in the database will only list the name and relationships of my living relatives. The deceased relatives may list their birth and death dates, if I know them. These pages will be displayed as family group sheets, and are generated by a freeware program called GED2WWW.

The pages in the stories section will detail any stories or tales about our family background. These are included for information and/or entertainment.

The pages in the pictures section will include some older family pictures. Just because all the words alone on the other pages may get boring.

The Other Stuff section is full of miscellaneous stuff. This is the dumping ground of all the family stuff I wanted to put on my website but didn't have a place for it. You'll find family recipes (recipes from my family, not ways to cook family members), our family coat of arms and WWW links.

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