This is a record of the lives (and maybe deaths) of a daring band of adventureers, who left the comfortable confines of their peaceful homes or temples to venture forth into the world to do battle with great evils, seek wonderous treasure, and spread the word of divine greatness.

In other words, their families or priests tossed them out.

A brief (?) introduction to why these pages are here, and why I made my own adventure and didn't use a pre-made canned adventure.
Grenfell Island
What is Grenfell Island, where is it, and what's going on there.
Time Line
An historical time line of what's gone on before the adventure began, and since.
Religion and Cults
A discussion of some of the changes or interpretations I've made in the religion's or cults of Runequest.
Worship and Sanctify Spells
How the spells work and what they do...
Cult Structure
How the cults are organized and who's in charge. What the rights and responsibilites of the different levels of involvement are.
The Cult of Amand-Cor
This is the desription of a cult I made up for this adventure
Other non-Issaries Cults
A description of the other cults on the Island, including thier temples, and current management.
Island Issaries
A description of the Issaries temples on the Island.
The Adventure
The Adventure thus far - including character descriptions, what they're doing, and what they think they have figured out.

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