The People of the Swamps

     The Cult of Amand-Cor inhabit the swamps of Grenfell Island. They believe that it is their duty to maintain the balance between the land and the sea. Most drylanders who never venture into the swamps have never heard of, and fewer still ever seen an Amand-Cor member.
      Relationships with drylanders are usually strained. The people of Amand-Cor are secretive and very brutal in defending their homes. While most drylanders look upon a swamp as available resources, the Amand-Cor see it as a holy place to be guarded and protected.
      Like elves with thier forests, and dwarves in their mountains, The Amand-Cor seldom leave the swamps. The are a humanoid race, usually tall and long limbed. Their skin tone ranges from light tan to dark brown. Since the swamps usually exist in warmer climates, they don't wear a lot of clothes. A simple breachcloth, with a shoulder bag is common.
      Since dry land is at a premium in the swamps, all members are excellent swimmers. Tree climbing is another skill at which they excel.

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