The following pages will provide you with some background information on a few of the different cults of the Island. This information is most for historical and role playing purposes.
   Everything here is public knowledge, at least within the cult being discussed.

The Humakt Cult of Grenfel Island is a large well ordered organization. Originally based in MountainHome. They moved the temple to a space just outside of Kargarden in 30 ARK. Chotar had just finished building the bridge across the Wyrm River. Karengorn hired a small group of Humakt and Issares to manage the bridge, and collect the tolls.
   Today the Humakt Temple located at the Wyrm River Bridge is the main temple of the cult, and houses the current High Priest - Lorinda Galenson.

The Bamoli Cult are a scattered people.
   Believing themselves blood kin of the mountain lions, that roam the foothills of the forbidden mountains, the Basmoli people are primarily nomadic herders. The small barbarian village of LionsKeep serves as a focal point for the cult. The main shaman - Wailmer Tawnyhide resides there and most of the nomadic phardaren will wander through the village on an annual basis.

The Amand-Cor Cult live where the land is not land and the waters never leave. These inhabitants of the swamps of Grenfell Island are an invention of my own. The drylanders that dwell near the swamps refer to them as demons, or swamp devils. Their true nature remains to be seen.

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