I first started playing Runequest around 1987. We were a D&D group looking for a change. One of our members decided to try out Runequest. He ran a modified version of the Griffin Island Campaign. It was modified because we had a lot of holes in our understanding, and interpretation of the rules. Our GamesMaster (GM) was (still is) a nice guy, so we weren't pressed to hard to survive. But many of the rules we resolved in that game, we still use in our champaigns today.

Since then we have played in several different champaigns, with several different GMs. I finally decided to give it a try a couple of years ago.

It took me about a year to get the adventure ready to go. Then while changing computers, In a fit of colossal stupidity, I accidently deleted all the files I had generated for the adventure. About 20 MB of text descriptions, and maps, gone. (Hey everyone has their one truely traumatic event that teaches them to back things up properly! This was mine. I could have recovered from this, but I didn't discover the loss for a month. By then it was too late.) So the guys gave me a few months to get it all back together (right!). So now we're off and playing. I've got some of the stuff written back down again. But a lot of it is still coming from my rapidly aging memory. So I hope to get everything recorded here so I can maintain some consistancy.

I'm going to try and record how the adventure progresses here. That is for both the players and me. Since we are all working stiffs (and most have families) we can't play every week, like we'd prefer. So sometimes we find ourselves scratching our heads and wondering: "Where were we?", and "Say, weren't you dead?".

Of course there's always the never ending "No Shit, there I was...." stories. Hopefully I can keep track of some of them here also.

Additionally, I want to clarify some of the rules - according to my interpretations. I still tend to find a lot of holes in the written rules for Runequest. I know that many of the rules have probably been filled, somewhere? Like newsgroup discussions, magazine articles, etc. But since I don't have time to read all that stuff (I like to pretend that I have a life). I will just describe here my interpretion of some of the rules.

    Now why did I try and make all this up for my first Runequest adventure instead of just running a few canned adventures?

  1. I'm a creative genius, who's just exploding with undirected potential, looking for a release to express myself.
  2. I have no life and nothing better to do.
  3. I had all this disk space and needed to fill it up (again).
  4. Needed to work on my typing skills
  5. It's better than writing letters or thank you cards to my family
  6. Working late into the night with the lights on pisses off the cockroaches.
  7. I wanted something that would get my web pages on the "Worst of the Web" lists.
  8. I had a few ideas and I wanted them done my way.
  9. A few members of our group will buy and read anything about RuneQuest that they can get their hands on. At the time I started, at least one person had read or looked through every available pre-made adventure. (They don't GM them, they just buy them and read them.)
  10. Our play group had a couple of people in it who have read magnitudes more Runequest information than I have. I didn't want to be constantly corrected on my use of geographic features, historical events, or names, that I may use in a slightly different way than someone else published it. (It happened to a few other GMs)

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