You live on a large land mass commonly believed to be surrounded by water. Circling this land mass at a distance of 50 to 100 km is a dense wall of fog. Many inlanders don't really believe that the fog exists. It's only a figment of the lazy fishermen's minds. The coastal communities all believe in the fog. It is there, it is real, you cannot cross it.
     No one knows what lies on the otherside of the fog. There have been attempts to cross the fog. All have failed. Navigation devices don't work there, and the sun never shines through it. The fishermen refuse to enter the fog. They either get lost or confused in it. Besides the fishing near there is rotten. Anything you catch usualy is small and tastes bad. The Storm Bull temple has assured everyone that the fog is not chaotic.

     Throughout the years, an occasional ship has emerged from the fog. But the ship designs are unrecognisable and the occupants are almost always dead. The few individuals that have survived are usually quite mad, and are usually destroyed by the fishermen before they are brought ashore. So the learned people on the island do believe that there are other civilizatons beyond the fog. The less informed use stories of such people to frighten their children.

     The island is approximately 600 km w/e and 400 km n/s. But few of you have ever seen much of it. The lower portion is predominately plains with scattered hills and forests. The climate of the southern half is temperate. The northern half is divided between the forbidden mountains to the west and the high plains and blast mountains to the east. Few if any of you have ever been into the northern half of the island. The forbidden mountains are just that. Not by law, but by common sense. For as long as anyone can remember no one has ever ventured into the forbidden mountains and returned. The creatures that wander out of the forbidden mountains are usually chaos tainted and rapidly destroyed. The Storm Bull's maintain that the mountains themselves are chaotic.
    The high plains and blast mountains are inhospitaple places where few venture. Winters last well beyond the normal bounds of Storm season. There are rumors of some barbarian civilizations to the north east of the blast mountains.
    The east coast supports a few large forests and some lush farm land. the south east corner of the island is a swamp. There is supposed to be a city on the coast in the swamp that is the refuge of every evil or undesirable character that has ever grown up on this Island. Fortunately the swamp is seperated from the rest of the island by the troll mountains.
    Since most of the uneducated don't believe that there are any other people in the world they simply call the island Glorantha. More common nicknames are: home, the island, this land. Some scholars have found a few references to the island being called Grenfell Island. But these references date back to the Imperial age circa 950 of the Gloranthian calander. These are the same references that mention the other civilizations.

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