Religious Worship And Divine Magic are so closely entwined with one another, that often times they may be indistinguishable from each other. You cannot have divine magic without a worship ceremony, and worship without magic is usually flat and lacking in substance.
  For the average cult members the two are so tightly woven together, that they do not recognize the diference. Many experienced priests, who have been performing ceremonies for years, often don't even realize that they are casting spells in the midst of the ceremony.

   The guidlines and practices described here are general terms that are applicable to all cults. Some religions will have a customized set of these guidelines. Others may have an even more restrictive set of guidlines.

   All worship ceremonies are carried out in the cults native toungue. See Religious Languages for more information on cult languages.

  Within each cult is a heirarchy of authority. Each level up the ladder a cult member moves to, the more plentiful become the rewards, and the more demanding the commitment. More information about Cult Structures is available here.

  Worship of a deity takes many forms. From the simple farmers plea for rain, to the annual High Holy Day when every cult memeber within traveling distance gathers together for a day or more of worship and celebration.
  The basic levels of worship are:

High Holy Day Service
Held on High Holy Day. Always held on sanctified soil. Always celebrated by at least one priest. Custom holds for most cults that all priests, or Runelords in attendance will be given a part to perform.

It is expected of the congregation, if able, to expend manna during the service. All cult members of initiate status or above who take a full part in the ceremony receive a permanent point of power. All benefits and services available.

Seasonal Holy Day Service
Held on each Seasonal Holy Day. Always held on sanctified soil. Always celebrated by at least one priest.

It is expected of the congregation, if able, to expend manna during the service. Priests involved with the ceremony gain a point of permanent power.

Daily Worship Service
This is the daily or in most cults temples twice daily worship. This service is usually held on sanctifed soil (but it isn't required), and involves a worship spell. But many times this ceremony is celebrated by, or with the aid of initiates. All Initiates are taught the basic services and rituals. While Initiates are discouraged from performing religious ceremonies unsupervised, most cults believ that they should be able to do so, if needed.

Sacrificing manna is not expected of the congregation. That is left up to the worshippers concience.

One-on-one services like last rites, marriages, and concecrations into the cult (ie becoming an initiate) are usually of this type service.

In this type of worship, no one gains any power, divine enchantments may be recharged by a priest, spells can be learned, special ceremonies can be performed (burial, marriage, initiation, priest ordination, Runelord tasking, etc) This is the standard worship serice that is performed in most temples.

Casting a Worship Spell
Casting a worship spell without a worship ceremony causes the loss of the worship spell. Power must be sacrificed in order to get the spell back. However this does cause a brief (5 min.) period of worship to the indicated diety. The benefits of this action can be to increase your divine intervention roll (1% for each personnal manna point expended in the casting). This can also be used to bestow a blessing or absolution on another being.

Praise and Thanksgiving Worship
While praise and thanksgiving are major parts of all the other services. In this service they are the only part of the service. A Praise and Thanksgiving Worship, involves no magic other than the little bit a worshipper may feel the need to sacrifice. The ceremony can be held by anyone. It doesn't require any formal ceremonies, spells, or places. A family giving thanks to their diety before eating is a Praise and Thanksgiving Worship.

In game terms this Worship Ceremony is for role playing purposes only.


Divine spell renewal.
Divine spells that are enchanted into devices must be renewed during a worship ceremony. For initiates this will cost a token amount of money and a pledge of service. For priests the cost is free (they can do it themselves). For non-cult members the cost is high (500 - 1000 pennies is not unheard of).

Manna Sacrifice
Worship of a God requires the sacrifice of manna to the deity. Proper sacrifice and acceptance of the manna requires a successful ceremony roll. You can worship simply by praising and praying, but this is usually the lay member way of doing things (but is good roleplaying). Sacrificing manna to your god doesn't buy you anything, except during High Holy Services when initiates and above gain a power point.

Think of the manna sacrifice as giving of yourself during the worship of the diety.

Divine Magic
Divine spells are an IOU from your God. You will be able to, with a short ceremony (wave your hands and mumble the proper words) call upon the power of your God for a specific purpose and duration. The diety, doesn't manifest itself, just a minute portion of it's power appears.

Divine Spell Renewal
For priests, divine spells are renewable by worshipping in a sanctified temple. This worship usually requires at least a couple hours. All other cult members get divine spells as one use only. They cannot be renewed. They must be renewed. They must be resacrificed for.

Divine Intervention
Divine intervention is crying out to your diety for help. Divine intervention will have a greater chance of succeding if performed in a sanctified space. The same benefit will be gained from attempting divine intervention while successfully casting a Worship Diety spell, Reduce the die roll by 10% If a divine intervention is successful, your diety will assist you. In whatever way your diety thinks you need help at that time. The petititioner may make a specific request of the diety. But there is no guarentee that it will be followed through as requested.

Suspension of Privileges
    Suspension of privileges for missing holy day ceremonies, includes:
  • divine intervention will automatically be ignored
  • divine spells don't work, but they don't go away.
Cult privileges can be restored by successful worship at a consecrated temple in the presence of a priest. (He will most likely expect you to explain your slackard attitude).

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