Grenfell Island Time Line

A Brief History of Grenfell Island And Some Of It's Main Characters

1350 Gloranthian Normal Time
Karengorn wanders out of the Troll Mountains and into MountainHome. Immediately he starts to gather a large following. He is a vibrant and mesmerizing speaker.

1360 Glorantian Normal Time - 0 ARK
Karengorn recognized as the King of Grenfell Island. At least in the southern half. He has gathered all the major cities under his control. People start measuring years as ARK - After Reign of Karengorn.

Karengorn announces a plan to build a road that will cross Grenfell Island from Smelzbad on the east coast to MountainHome in the west. He commissions an Itinerate Merchant named Chotar to supervise construction of the King's Highway. In exchange for his services Chotar is granted control of all trade that takes place along the yet non-existant highway.

20 ARK
Karengorn moves his Capitol from MountainHome to Kargarden. Claiming the weather is better there. Kargarden quickly grows from a small fishing and farming community to a large city. Karengorn directs Chotar to complete the highway from Kargarden to MountainHome as soon as possible.

35 ARK
To celebrate the completion of the Kings Highway from Kargarden to MountainHome, Chotar opens the Cowsmell Tavern near a small pond, at the half way point of the highway. He also commisions other merchants to set up some small roadhouses each a day's travel apart, along the highway. The roadhouses are permitted to sell only meals and lodging.

Lorinda born as only child of Sword Galen Bardson. Galen and Roubert both turn 22.

Lorinda moves into the temple with her father after her mother dies of fever.

Lorinda accepted as Humakt Initiate.

Roubert elevated to Warlord.

Lorinda elevated to Sword. Sponsored by Warlord Roubert Divarian

Stormbull High Priest, Gorowyn WyrmSlayer, leads an army into the Forbidden Mountains. Current Humakt High Priest, Carter Banesword, Galen, two other swords and 17 initiates join in the adventure. Carter persuades the Sword Council to elevate current Warlord, Roubert to High Priest, and Lorinda to Warlord, until his return.

Gorowyn Wyrm Slayer's sword found for sale in Freetown.

The clanlands are over-run by raging stormbulls. They claim to be searching for a missing high priest who was leading an expedition into the forbidden mountains. When Wailmer refuses to allow any of the clan to serve as scouts for the stormbull hunting party war almost breaks out. But a beautiful woman wearing the sign of the sword convinces the stormbull leader that massacring these barbarians will not find his missing priest. She tells him that she has no problem with slaughtering savages, but it is not why they were there. Besides, while they delay with a little recreational genocide the trail they are following gets colder. Wailmer realized that she is just trying to prevent his people from being drawn into a needless battle. But Phortan flies into a rage at her implications that the slaughter of his people would be a sport. He calls upon the divine power of Basmol, transforms himself into a mighty lion and attacks the woman. Two other men also wearing the signs of the sword move to intervene between Phortan and the woman. But Photan's rage was such that he stuck them down before they could draw a weapon. However the woman had time to draw a weapon. A large sword made of a metal such as no one had ever seen before. With it she struck Phortan a single blow, and chopped off his left paw. Unable to continue the battle Phortan was forced to surrender. The woman simply sheathed her sword, bowed to Wailmer and left the area, taking the stormbulls with her.

After helping the Stormbull's search out the source of Gorowyn's sword, and narrowly averting all out civil war (The Stormbull's against everyone else) Roubert declares Carter dead and steps down as high priest. Roubert is reinstated as Warlord when Lorinda is selected to be High Priest.

After a long recuperation and recovery after the loss of his left hand Phortan resumes his role as clan chieftain. He is no longer whole. But he is wiser and more cautious. While he bares a sharp grudge against those who wear the sign of the sword, and the clan of the bull, he doesn't force his bias on the rest of the clan. Wailmer, spends many seasons helping Phortan realize that he nearly caused the death of many of his people. The Basmoli have watched too many other cults suffer at the hands of the infidels. It is better to cooperate with those who can destroy you and be allowed to live in peace than it is to honor your rage and be destroyed.

Lorinda, faced with a tie vote in the Sword Council breaks the tie and opens up a Challana Arroy Shine in the temple. But limits it's occupation to initiates only. Four different Swords who challenged her right to do so, in combat, were the first customers of the new shrine.

A single human wearing the sign of the bull wanders out of the mountains. He is starved, badly injured, and nearly dead. Wailmer attempts to save him but is unsuccessful. His body was taken to Chotar's Pond and there turned over to the Bulls who live there. No more is ever heard of the matter.

Our adventure begins

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