David's Making Sawdust Page

I started wood working in 1982, when I graduated from the University of Wyoming.

I started out with a Black and Decker VSR drill and circular saw, and a variety of hand tools.  My work bench was a Craftsman Workmate 200.  The first thing I built was a rocking horse for a friend's daughter.  It was pretty simplistic, and not very well thought out, and didn't last very long.  She broke it.

But it got me started. I now have a shop full of power and hand tools, and I learn something new everytime I take on a project.

I've got a few pictures of some of my projects here.

Here's a few woodworking related jokes that I collected from various sources (including the rec.woodworking newsgroup). If any of these jokes offend you. I'm sorry. I tried to make sure that none of them are obscene (personal bias in play here). But if you object to them for any other reasons, they are meant to be humorous, so lighten up. :o)

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